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Founder's Note


“Regardless of everything; what matters to me is doing good” Sanibona Zakhamuzi Zase Mbali Township and the world. I am honoured to welcome you in your own podium. I am inspired by many of you and your selfless efforts. In fact, “Your GREATNESS is not the preserve of the privileged nor their flawlessness but the resilient nurturing of your spirits; conquering over your challenges and the achievement of vision from your ordinary citizens residing just down the street from you”. Imbali Township is abundant with people that do good!

To showcase our good things : Our Home Page shares what inspired the foundation of www.ImbaliTownship.com; vision and the proposed mission. Imbali Township History narrates the known epic history of the Township. Our Education page advances the principle of lifelong learning. A page has been dedicated to the flowers of our community “Imbali Yethu - Our Mothers and Daughters” as the architectures of our society. Our Community Service Page communicates miscellaneous issues. The Opportunities Page provides our citizens with opportunities to create a better life. "Get Involved" is important for communication and receiving your valuable contribution. This is a small start; let’s please make it bigger and better!


Creating the best township in the world for Generations to come


By modernizing engagement amongst citizens; utilising education as an epitome for achieving prosperity; advocate for local ownership of township economy; harnessing on Imbali’s rich history and culture; support and partner youth development initiatives and play to Imbali Township’s strengths at all times

Motto: Qhakaza!

QHAKAZA means flourish just like that of the flower “ukuqhakaza kweMbali”. It is a deep-rooted belief within me that the community of Imbali Township will create the best township in the world for generations to come.

Thank you all of who have contributed to the start of this journey in may ways, especially Mr Ernest Hasha who volunteered his time to develop the website! We are grateful to Imbali Alumni Association (IAA) an N.P.O. that is dedicated to youth development through education and sports. We salute YOU!

It has been my best intention as well as the website contributors to truthfully and accurately portray Imbali Township. We therefore welcome corrections! Please share your thought about www.ImbaliTownship.com through our "Get Involved"  page, so that we can be the best township in the world for generations to come


Emmanuel N. Ngubane